Advertising commercials – the most basic and ubiquitous forms of marketing!
We always do our best to combine a broad spectrum of techniques in order to promote the advertised object in the most effective way.

In our offer You will find all kinds of advertising animations:
– promotional vieos / spots
– music visualisation / videoclips
– instructional videos
– videos for special occasions
– animations of systems and mashines
– etc.

Our post-production and animation services include:
– Stop-motion animation and traditional 2D & Flash animation
– Stylised animation and realistic 3D animation
– Complete composition of videos and clips
– Colour correction [colouring] and matte painting
– Special effects [VFX]
– Creation of videos and clips intended for use in the Internet, e.g. Preparation of web applications with interactive videos (websites, games)

We also create:
– Audio-visual introductions for movies, programmes, websites, multimedia presentations, etc.
– Presentations of products / commercials and films combining animation with video material
– Demonstrations of Web applications, both instructional and for visualisation

We are willing to cooperate with You at every stage of film production: from script development through the development of artistic design, animatics, direction and plan consulting to composition and editing.