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Sag's Wien | CITY OF VIENNA Web advertising, 3D 2D animation, animated infographic video
VEDIMASAN | AFLOFARM TV & Web advertising, 2D animation
2D INFO-GRAPHIC | MICROSOFT Web advertising, 3D 2D animation, animated infographic video
3D ANIMATION | BIZ BANK TV & Web advertising, 3D animation
GAZETA WYBORCZA | TV PAPER TV & Web advertising, 3D animation
mPOSITION | PROFIm |1 TV & Web advertising, 3D animation
ARCHITECTURAL VIS | 1 3D Visualisation, Product advertising
SMART CITY | WIENER S.WERKE Web advertising, 3D 2D animation
2D INFO-GRAPHIC | EMERYTURKA.DE Web advertising, animated info-graphic video
YOUR BOTTLE | MARTINI ASTI TV & Web advertising, 3D animation
ARCHITECTURAL VIS |2 3D Visualisation, Product advertising
TV SPOT | KIA RIO TV & Web advertising, 3D animation
VIRTUALHOUSE | KOMPUTRONIK 3D animation, Web advertising
XXI CONGRESS WARSAW | AVIVA Web advertising, 3D 2D animation, animated info-graphic video, 3D modelling
mPOSITION | PROFIm |2 TV & Web advertising, 3D animation
PRODUCT VISUALISATION | BELL 3D Visualisation, Product advertising
mPOSITION | PROFIm |VIS 3D Visualisation, Product advertising
GALAPAGOS FILMS | SPOT TV & Web advertising, 3D animation
SMASHING STUDIO | 3D WEB 3D animation, modelling
MY RIOT | EMI MUSIC POLAND 3D animation, music video
GAZETA WYBORCZA | READ YOUR WAY TV & Web advertising, 3D animation
ETAM CREW | URBAN FORMS |2 film, documentary video, street art
BON APPÉTIT | FOR FUN VIDEO! 3D animation, gummi bears, fun
GRAPHICS | PRINT & WEB 3D graphics, visualisation
FORESTRY S. | MINISTRY OF ENV. Web advertising, 3D 2D animation, animated info-graphic video
DIGITAL PAINTING| 1 2D graphic, Digital painting
ETAM CREW | URBAN FORMS |1 Film, Documentary Video, Street Art
ACTIVE | PROFIm TV & Web advertising, 3D animation
DRE DOORS | VISUALISATIONS 3D Visualisation, Product advertising
CORNELIUS | SULIMAR 3D Visualisation, Product advertising
THE TASTE MAP | BONDUELLE 3D modelling, Web advertising












We can make concrete from wood. And diamonds from peanuts. We move mountains. We create virtual worlds. For architecture, advertising, industry and engineering.

We are a creative agency and passionate to bring your visions to life.

To illustrate your sophisticated plannings we create photo-realistic renderings, interior and exterior visualisations as well as virtual 360° panoramas.

Our premium visualisations and animations depict your product from all sides, in every minute detail and all colours – before it even exists.

Perfectly balanced light settings and unique ambience bring your visions to life. Our team has extensive experience in graphic design and animation as well as qualified industry knowledge for high-end solutions.

There is a wide range of applications for our 2D/ 3D visualisations and animations: TV and Web advertising | product launches | 3D planning and simulation rooms| showrooms and exhibitions | events of all kinds | concerts and festivals | stage visualizations – to name but a few.

Our clients are: advertising agencies | media houses | architectural and interior design offices | product developers | music industry | retail | broadcast | and everyone who wants to communicate their unique vision vividly.

We operate worldwide. Contact us!


Marta Frackowiak Labaj

Founder/Partner - Cocept, Design, CEO

“Creativity is a drug I can’t live without” – Cecil B. Demille 

The minute you meet Marta you notice that creativity is flowing in her veins. Her outstanding passion, pleasure and professionalism gentrifies her client’s projects. Her artistic talent and empathy are being highly appreciated by her clients. Marta studied architecture and interior design (TU Gliwice, PL) and she has internalized both vast experience and diligence. Together with Damian they are the founders of the creative agency Smashing Studio.

marta(a)smashing-studio.com +43 660 600 5007

Damian Majcherek

Founder/Partner - 3D Master & Motion Design

“Imagination rules the world!” – Napoleon Bonaparte

Damian is as patient as he is ambitioned. He will not leave his desk until he has finished the task. He creates breathtakingly vivid pictures by transforming his client’s visions and ideas into bits and bytes. Computers have always been his life, therefore it is not surprising at all that he studied computer graphics at the Technical University in Łódź. If you can’t find him in front of his screen, Damian is out partying or traveling. In doing so he gets fresh input to be even more creative. Together with Marta he founded the creative agency Smashing Studio.


Marcin Osiejewski

Motion Designer

“Keep calm and consider it done!” 

Marcin is solid as a rock. With more than 10 years of experience in motion design, 2D animation and video production his skills are truly impressive. He works calm and focused and has the great gift to perceive and elaborate every little detail to meet the customer’s expectations. They appreciate his subtle professionalism and confidence, we appreciate his team spirit and good humor.


Carmen Tung

Graphic Designer

“all YOU need is…ART!”

Carmen has the eye. She is our graphic design specialist and owing to her graphic design study in Vienna she knows exactly what is hip and trendy. Her design suggestions are remarkably precise and fresh. She also has the patience for and the understanding of important little things. Carmen manages the balancing act between vision and realisation with a smile. She surprises us every day!



If you have any questions, suggestions, projects you would like to discuss – feel free to fill out the contact form to get in touch with us.


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